About the Podcast

Have you ever found yourself listening to an audiobook, closing your eyes, and imagining the story in your mind?  You bring the characters to life, just as you would do while reading the physical book. I love audiobooks, and often listen to them when I can’t read a regular printed novel. I have noticed that short stories, especially genre based ones, do not often appear in audiobook format. Micro-fiction and Flash-fiction rarely, if ever, are in audiobook form.

Amazing Microfiction is a podcast that brings you genre based micro-fiction in audiobook format.

I’m your host, Michael C. Miller. Every other week I will select stories from my own genre based micro-fiction (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery, Adventure, Thrillers, etc.) and read those stories to to you like they were audiobooks.

Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves. You may ask: What is micro-fiction anyway?

Well, Microfiction generally refers to short stories between 50 and approximately 300 words in length, there is some debate over this, but for the podcast, I will keep each of my selections under 300 words.

You can find the podcast on iTunes Podcasts, Google Play.



This is a picture of my workspace with my trusted Blue Yeti Microphone. And yes… if you look on the back corner you can see what a geek I am.

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