The 2019 Wand Collection by The Arcane Gearsmith

I have taken a break from Amazing Microfiction and have been working on this wand project on and off for months. But do not fret, Amazing Microfiction will return in January for a full years worth of episodes.

I give you the 2019 Wand Collection by yours truly, me, The Arcane Gearsmith.

These are all of the wands that I have made this year (Since July). The Best ones I will enter into the 2019 Placer County Fair here in June (Along with what I make between now and then). I also plan on making a custom made display for them as well. Let me know what ones you think should be in the show.

Thanks again everybody for your encouragement and support. To be kept up to date with my projects join my Patreon page for only $1 a month, and get exclusive stories and behind the scenes info in other projects!

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